Is there no escape from the Attack of the Pod(cast) People?

I find myself spending less time listening to podcasts these days during my commute, but that's mostly because I find myself feeling guilty about spending that time listening to podcasts when I could be catching up on my reading. 1

[Via swissmiss]

  1. Which then leads me to the question of whether I should be catching up on the morning's saved Guardian headlines, or burrowing into my Instapaper backlog, or just firing up my Kindle app and breaking into the next book.2

  2. But then, that involves ignoring the question of whether I should pay somem attention to the contents of my iTunes library, or perhaps an offline item from Spotify.3

  3. Or perhaps BBC iPlayer or Amazon Video or a movie rental from iTunes.4

  4. Just think how much more complicated life would be if I was online during my commute and my choices weren't limited to offline content…