These Posters for Sequels We'll Never See are a bit of a mixed bag.

I know that Jack Burton was really just a brave but clueless sidekick in his own film first time round, but I think he's one of those sidekicks who ended up making such a huge contribution on their debut that he just has to come back for the sequel if it's to make sense. I can seem that they'd have to cook up what might seem a bit of a convoluted plotline to steer Kurt Russell's Jack Burton back into Chinatown, but I think they'd have to find a way to do it.

As for Porco Rosso 2: The Last Sortie, I'd like that to happen on the general principle that a world with more Hayao Miyazaki-directed films in it is automatically a brighter, more joyful place so why the hell not?

Son of Scissorhands could be a nightmare depending upon which Johnny Depp shows up.

On the other hand, there's Imperator Furiosa returning to the screen under George Miller's direction, 1 to which the only proper response is "Here, take my money!"

  1. I'm lukewarm about the imagined poster in this case, but the idea of the film is another matter.