Petr Knava means well, but he's just making the long wait for the penultimate season of Game of Thrones that little bit harder to bear:

Ostensibly not much more than a wall of terrifying muscle, you could nevertheless still sense the subtle, deeply buried layers of nuance underneath that gruff, flame-scarred exterior. And sure enough as the show went on this would expanded upon and explored to a wonderful degree. There is something about The Hound's journey thus far that makes him perhaps the single most compelling character in the entire Game Of Thrones universe. His is a path of redemption, but not the hackneyed one that we have seen a thousand times over; it does not feel the need to hit all of the required beats at the specified pace to fulfill the trope, rather it moves exactly in accordance with the character, providing no easy answers or obviously discernible lines between black and white.

I'm not fool enough to imagine that George R R Martin will give Sandor Clegane a happy ending, but is it too much to ask that he'll do something good on his way out? Prevail when CleganeBowl arrives? Sacrifice himself in order to save Arya? 1

Whatever line they go down with The Hound, I'm sure it's going to be epic and heart-rending to watch.

  1. Or, given the dark turn she took by the end of last season, to give her the chance to turn back before she's completely lost her way.