Almost a week ago I lost access to a big portion of my backup brain when Instapaper suffered a major storage issue. They explained that there'd been a major storage problem and restricted access to just the last couple of weeks of content while they scrambled to restore full access to everyone's data. Today they restored full access and, as promised, have published a detailed report on the outage.

Turns out, they hit a size limit on the filesystem that held their database - something that not only affected their live database but also all their backups. Nightmare! They had to evaluate their options and devise a recovery plan to move the data over to a new filesystem instance that didn't suffer the same limitation, and now they need to put together a plan for what happens when they approach their new filesystem limit.

All of which serves as a reminder that the Cloud is just someone else's computer, and even IT professionals find themselves bitten by software limitations in the platforms they're using.

(I wonder how Instapaper's creator Maro Arment would have dealt with this if he was still running the service. It would have made for one hell of a segment on Accidental Tech Podcast.)