In the middle of a MetaFilter thread in honour of the soon-to-end Orphan Black,1 and in particular of the astounding skill lead actress Tatiana Maslany has spent the last few years playing clones of her character imitating other clones of her character, an inspired suggestion, insired by a different BBC show's recent casting news:

[…] a show involving many different incarnations of one base archetype, all with different personalities and lots of peril and running and sci-fi tech? BBC, your female Doctor Who #13 was right there all along, as were #14 through #22.

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[MASLANY exits the TARDIS. She is covered in blood and holding a bloody butcher knife.]

MASLANY: "Hello. I'm The Doctor."

[DALEKS flee in terror]

This needs to happen.

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If Tatiana Maslany has moved on to bigger and better things a few years from now and the BBC can't afford to cast her as The Doctor, perhaps we can get her on the show in a more limited guest role. When Chris Chibnall decides that it's time to give us a regenerated Missy, Maslany would be a fun bit of casting. I'm now imagining an extremely pissed-off Missy-in-Helena-mode going after The Master to get revenge for his being such an unredeemable bastard to her and The Doctor in The Doctor Falls.

  1. I have to admit to having dropped Orphan Black somewhere during season 3, when it looked to me as if a combination of irregular scheduling and the complications of the plot they were unfolding as the Clone Club's world expanded were going to render keeping up with the plot ramifications for the various characters more trouble than it was going to be worth. But regardless of the way the plot was thrashing around, Maslany's performance(s) and her ability to switch from character to character remained absolutely solid and there's a little part of me that wishes I'd made more of an effort to keep up.