Craig Mod describes a vital stage in producing his latest book; namely, walking the book…

Deciding to make any book is an act of creative faith (and ego and hubris, but these aren't all exclusionary). But before Dan and I sold any copies of Koya Bound, we walked atop the pages that would become the book, not really knowing if there existed an audience for the book.

Koya Bound isn't the first book I've worked on that involved the floor. And I'm definitely not the first person to walk on books or lay them out like this.


The ability of the physical world  -  a floor, a wall  -  to act as a screen of near infinite resolution becomes more powerful the more time we spend heads-down in our handheld computers, screens the size of palms. In fact, it's almost impossible to see the visual patterns  -  the inherent adjacencies  -  of a physical book unless you deconstruct it and splay it out on the floor.