Farah Mendlesohn has gone the crowdfunding route for her forthcoming study of the work of Robert Heinlein:

The book is a close reading of Heinlein's work, including unpublished stories, essays, and speeches. It sets out not to interpret a single book, but to think through the arguments Heinlein made over a life time about the nature of science fiction, about American politics, and about himself. Although not a biography it tries to understand Heinlein's work both as product and insight into the man.[…]

If you're of a certain age, whether you ended up reading Heinlein's work or the works of authors who strongly disagreed with him you couldn't help but engage with his work. Comfortably the most influential speculative fiction author of the 20th century.

If you're in a position to direct some funds at Unbound to enable the publication of Mendlesohn's study then get over to Unbound and consider your options.

[Via @amendlocke]