HBO are going to work with Steven Soderbergh on a new TV show and iOS application:

HBO recently announced a new TV project in the works by director Steven Soderbergh called "Mosaic." The show will air as a six-part linear narrative in early 2018, but in addition to the traditional distribution, HBO is launching an app where viewers can watch the show, make decisions, and help shape the outcome of certain events.

Part of me thinks this could be interesting, but for the most part - and I'm quite prepared to believe that this is a symptom of my age and idleness - I'd be quite happy to just sit here and watch a TV show that tells me a satisfying story without requiring me to do homework to get the whole story. (In fairness, just the other day I was welcoming the three short films that were posted as a prelude to Blade Runner 2049, but they were explicitly telling stories about things that had happened between the two films and didn't actually depict anything that happened in the new film. I don't get the impression that's what Soderbergh & co have in mind for Mosaic, but we'll see. Also, I've been waiting thirty-odd years to see a Blade Runner sequel, so I've had time to build up an appetite for stories of what happened in that world between the two films.)

[Via Extenuating Circumstances]