Mike Monteiro's history of Twitter, from beginning to end:

Twitter also taught me how to be a better writer. (Count how many of these sentences are under 140 characters.) Seriously. I'm actually a pretty introverted person, and Twitter was a great way to shake that. (I wanted to shake it.) But as stupid as this might sound every little star (they will always be stars) gave me a little more confidence. And eventually what started as a place to tell jokes became a place to talk about design. And I got confident enough to start sharing those ideas too. I've written two books about design, and I can trace both of their origins to shit I said on Twitter. And when I was writing those books, I kept my book in one window, and Twitter in another window. If I thought a sentence was pretty good I pasted it into the Twitter text field to make sure it was 140 characters.

Twitter made me a better writer.

My first editor is probably reading that line and nodding and thinking "Fuck you. I made you a better writer, asshole." And that's true. But I met her on Twitter.

There was a time where Twitter was a place you went to fuck around, and accidentally made friends and got smarter. It's been years since I've felt smarter after being exposed to Twitter, but trust me, those days were real. They happened.

[Via BrettTerpstra.com]