David Ehrlich's IndieWire review of Geostorm wins the internet today:

Butler, an actor who delivers every line of dialogue with his entire face, is Jake Lawson, an engineer who saved the world before "Geostorm" even starts. In 2019, Lawson spearheaded the "Dutch Boy" project, a system of satellites that covers the Earth like a net and keeps the weather in check. What could go wrong? Or, more specifically, what could go wrong in addition to calling the single most important invention of all time "Dutch Boy?"

For my money he has an even better line a bit later in the review, but it's right next to a spoiler so all I'll say is that it's a reference to the failure to have Ed Harris use a line that echoes one of his roles in an earlier and apparently much better film. Just go and read the whole review and you can't miss it.

[Via @joss]