Call me shallow, but I'm tickled pink that one of the lessons of this epic tale of resurrecting an Apple Mac prototype is that it reminds us all that at one time the pre-release version of Mac OS's Finder displayed online help under the heading "Steve sez…", complete with a little cartoon/caricature of the great man himself:

Steve sez…

Just imagine if that bit of styling had survived to the release version of the software and become embedded in Mac lore as a beloved relic of the origins of MacOS. Would the world have moved on to see messages from Jobs' successors as CEO1? Perhaps Siri would have been renamed as 'Steve'?

[Via LinkMachineGo!]

  1. John sez…? Gil sez…? Eventually, Tim sez…? Or would it have been a mark of Apple's pride/stubbornness to retain the Steve sez… declaration right up until one day they came up with a successor to MacOS and the familiar declaration was replaced by Jony sez…?