Having just returned to work after a period of sick leave, I'm in the middle of a deluge of demands from networked services that insist that I reset my password because it's been a while since my last login. I have my passwords to hand in 1Password on my iPad so this is a mildly less irritating process than it might have been, but reading Mauricio 'Momo' Estrella's account of how a password changed my life has given me a whole new perspective on the whole password-reset process:

In its simplest form, a password enables you to get somewhere, in your digital world. Say, to copy a file, to unlock a computer, to email somebody. This feeling of micro achievements, this thought of 'my mantra helps me to get things done' can build up a momentum that motivates you to stay focused on achieving your monthly goals.

So, why not set your password to Quit@smoking4ever and see what happens?1

[Via Friday Reading]

  1. I've never been a smoker, so this specific password won't be something I'll be using on Monday. I can totally see the general principle of typing something that reminds you of a current goal is still going to be worth a try, though.