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  • Cue the Universal Security Enforcement NETwork

    Dan Hon, inspired 1 by a recent story in Slate, was inspired to commit an act of DNS Fan Fiction:

    The revelation that the Trump Campaign is using prime numbers to attack the Internet and to rig the election is not only terrifying but also raises questions. Where are these prime numbers coming from? Are they really coming from the N.S.A. and if not, how is the Trump Campaign getting them? […]

    It's a good job that The Deliverator was able to help point our intrepid journalist in the right direction at a crucial point in the investigation, or else we might never have learned The Truth about the plan to divide the internet up.

    [Via Extenuating Circumstances]

    1. I think that's the word I'm looking for…)

  • Something magical

    All us geeks should hope that one day we get as lucky as Marcin Wichary did when he went in search of the Dali Museum in Figueres .

    [Via @daveaddey]

  • welcome.js

    James Bridle, quoted for truth:

    See, view source is a human right. Since the beginning of the web, thousands, probably millions, of users have bootstrapped their way to technical understanding through exploring the way the existing web is put together. I did. You might have done. And you, we, should be able to. And more than that, we should be encouraged to. For fun, for experience, for education, for revolution.

    We should not be putting off those who are seeking to understand and explore. We should not be talking down to them. We should certainly not give the impression that code, the stuff that makes the world work and increasingly runs it, is not for you, little person, leave it to the grown-ups. It is for everyone.

  • Attack of the Pod(cast) People

    Is there no escape from the Attack of the Pod(cast) People?

    I find myself spending less time listening to podcasts these days during my commute, but that's mostly because I find myself feeling guilty about spending that time listening to podcasts when I could be catching up on my reading. 1

    [Via swissmiss]

    1. Which then leads me to the question of whether I should be catching up on the morning's saved Guardian headlines, or burrowing into my Instapaper backlog, or just firing up my Kindle app and breaking into the next book.2

    2. But then, that involves ignoring the question of whether I should pay somem attention to the contents of my iTunes library, or perhaps an offline item from Spotify.3

    3. Or perhaps BBC iPlayer or Amazon Video or a movie rental from iTunes.4

    4. Just think how much more complicated life would be if I was online during my commute and my choices weren't limited to offline content…

  • I Hate Dancing

    Stephen Fry Hates Dancing:

    This is great.

    [Via Russell Davies]

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