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  • People are unpredictable, and democracy is insane

    A letter to America from Leslie Knope, regarding Donald Trump:

    Dear America,

    Amidst the confusion, and despair, and disbelief, it was suggested to me by a very close friend of mine (I won't say her name to protect her identity) (Ann. It was Ann) that perhaps a few people would enjoy hearing my thoughts on this election. So I sat down at my computer, cleared my head, and opened a document.

    Then I started crying. So I had some hot chocolate, and my close friend (Ann) rubbed my back for a while, and I got myself together, and sat down. And started crying. Then more Ann comforting me, and more hot chocolate, and back and forth like that for about six hours or so, the chain of hot chocolate and back rubs only interrupted briefly when I had to run to the store for more hot chocolate packets ("Just give me all of them, all the boxes," I remember saying, through tears, to a very scared stockroom boy), and now I am ready to go. […]

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  • Real life meets Studio Ghibli

    Studio Ghibli in Real Life mostly gave me urge to rewatch a classic or two (or three.) My Neighbor Totoro never fails to put me in a good mood.

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  • Never Happened

    I watched Never Happened a few days ago when I spotted it on Vimeo, but I forgot 1 to post here about it until it got a mention on MetaFilter.

    I'm not the first to note how much this feels like a Black Mirror story. Very nice work.

    1. Yes, really.

  • Cue the Universal Security Enforcement NETwork

    Dan Hon, inspired 1 by a recent story in Slate, was inspired to commit an act of DNS Fan Fiction:

    The revelation that the Trump Campaign is using prime numbers to attack the Internet and to rig the election is not only terrifying but also raises questions. Where are these prime numbers coming from? Are they really coming from the N.S.A. and if not, how is the Trump Campaign getting them? […]

    It's a good job that The Deliverator was able to help point our intrepid journalist in the right direction at a crucial point in the investigation, or else we might never have learned The Truth about the plan to divide the internet up.

    [Via Extenuating Circumstances]

    1. I think that's the word I'm looking for…)

  • Something magical

    All us geeks should hope that one day we get as lucky as Marcin Wichary did when he went in search of the Dali Museum in Figueres .

    [Via @daveaddey]

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