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  • Thinganomics in action

    Dr John Bates, CEO of end-to-end IoT and M2M application platform company Plat.One has a vision of how the Internet of Things is going to bring about a pay-as-you-go economy:

    [Rather than] buying new [tires for their car], people could lease them. 1

    This Tyres-as-a-Service model also comes with big data analytics services "so the thinganomical principal is, sensor-enable the products that you sell, extract the data from the channel and then sell them as analytics services".

    "All these are ways of making money, saving money, making it more attractive for customers," Dr Bates said.

    Dr Curran 2 also said that there is nothing to stop this model of IoT PAYG being copied in for instance, door mats (counting people), smart radiators (charge per heating use), smart sofas (charge per person sitting down and how long), fish tanks (charge per person looking at the fish with camera scanning for faces), headphones (charge per use), and so on.

    So, as long as you're reasonably well off you'll be fine with your smartphone (or your iotWallet) sending off micropayments as you're charged as you walk through the shopping mall. No doubt the smart door mat at every entrance will check your ID and credit rating and only unlock the door if your credit rating is high enough.

    [Via @evgenymorozov]

    1. Just the tires? Surely they'll be using the IoT to ensure they pay for the entire car by the mile?

    2. Dr. Kevin Curran is described as a member of the IEEE.

  • Prince, RIP

    Prince has gone to join his guitar in heaven.

    I know this isn't even him performing one of his own songs and he doesn't even take centre stage until a couple of minutes in, but he certainly makes his mark.

    It's one of the great mysteries of the late 20th century music business that Prince only ever got to the top of the UK singles chart once in his own name. But oh, the albums…

    How the hell could I pick a favourite of his own material? Even trying to decide which of his albums I love the most doesn't work, because the man had a run of releases from the late 1970s to the mid-1990s where just about every 1 album 2 he released contained at a minimum one or two tracks that were simply breathtakingly good and I just can't settle on one of them. Most of his albums from his long, glorious imperial phase did a hell of a lot better than one or two.

    If you've not heard Parade, Lovesexy, Purple Rain or Sign o' the Times then do yourself a favour and find out what you've been missing.

    1. Yes, even his Batman soundtrack. (For the record, those tracks would be Lemon Crush and Electric Chair, IMHO.)

    2. OK, I have to admit that Graffiti Bridge was an exception to the rule. But in fairness it's been a long time since I heard it, so I may be forgetting something.

  • Enter Sandman by SHEL

    Until now, I had no idea how much I wanted a creepy lullaby cover version of Metallica's Enter Sandman:

    [Via The Atlantic]

  • 'I Got You Cold, Mate.'

    It turns out that posting to Facebook shortly before a court appearance may not be the best idea ever:

    On January 12, the Taranaki Daily News reported that Judge Allan Roberts would be retiring at the end of the month after nine years on the bench in New Plymouth, in western New Zealand.

    Later that day, a local resident came across the story and posted the following insightful commentary on Facebook:


    Mr. La Rue apparently hoped "da fuka [would be] gne by fryday" because that would mean he would not be on the bench the following week, when Mr. LaRue was to appear in court to answer for a significant amount of unpaid traffic fines.

    Of course, had he read the entire article, he would have known that Judge Roberts was not stepping down until the end of the month. […]


    Unless someone knows otherwise 1 I thought the judge took it fairly well, all things considered.

    1. e.g. providing evidence that the typical community service for that amount in unpaid fines in that jurisdiction is normally an order of magnitude less than the sentence Mr La Rue received.

  • Good design is as little design as possible.

    Look at this Motherfucking Website:

    This is a website. Look at it. You've never seen one before.

    Like the man who's never grown out his beard has no idea what his true natural state is, you have no fucking idea what a website is. All you have ever seen are shitty skeuomorphic bastardizations of what should be text communicating a fucking message. This is a real, naked website. Look at it. It's fucking beautiful. […]

    I think I'm in love…

    To gain maximum benefit, be sure to read the paragraph that follows the one I quoted above.

    [Via Brutalist Websites, via Track Changes]

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