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  • Such a happy Chewbacca!

    The woman who posted Oh, I'm such a happy Chewbacca! to /r/videos might just be the happiest person on the Internet today. 1 What a fabulous, infectious laugh.

    [Via @craigmod]

    1. Especially given the identity of one of the top commenters on her post.

  • Not found

    It turns out that the Financial Times web site has a pretty good 404 error page:

    Why wasn't this page found?

    We asked some leading economists.

    Efficient Markets Hypothesis

    If you had paid enough for the page, it would have appeared.

    [Via MetaFilter]

  • Price tags on Calendar events

    The notion of a plugin that would apply price tags to meetings based on the inferred hourly rates of participants is one of those neat ideas that is so simple, so seductive that it completely blinds you to the other side of the equation.

    It's all very well knowing that a meeting will take up £1,000-worth of management time, but what if the upside of getting those highly-paid managers together is that they have the clout to agree and take forward a course of action that will save the organisation £10,000 over the next year?

    That said, I'd love to see an Outlook plugin that, before you send an email to multiple addressees, calculated the reading time multiplied by the number of recipients to inform you of how much of their time you were seeking to take up. 1

    [Via Extenuating Circumstances]

    1. At this point any of my work colleagues reading this will be laughing hysterically at the notion that I would favour writing shorter emails. The issue isn't so much the length of the email - it should be as long as it needs to be given what the intended audience already knows (or doesn't know) about the subject matter - as it's the number of people being copied into messages about things that don't concern them.

  • Sky Magic

    A Mesmerizing Light and Sound Show:

    Sky Magic is a type of drone developed by Japanese tech company MicroAd. But what makes these flying devices special, and earns them their name, is that they're equipped with hundreds of LEDs that can be controlled to generate mesmerizing lights shows. Case-in-point: the recent live performance that was conducted at the foot of Mt. Fuji with a group of Shamisen players.

    Granted, it does no harm whatsoever to have Mount Fuji as the backdrop for that video, but even so that's still spectacular work. 1

    [Via MetaFilter]

    1. I wasn't wild about the music, but that could easily be fixed: slot in some Explosions In The Sky or some Mogwai and it'd work just as well.

  • Player Two

    Based on a YouTube comment: Player Two

    It's suddenly got really dusty in here…

    [Via swissmiss]

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