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  • A Flag for No Nations

    James Bridle joins the dots, describing a connection 1 between the plight of the newly-launched Skylab space station in 1973, help given to runners upon completion of the New York marathon in 1978, and the help given to refugees in the current mass migration.

    Superficially, a story about a bit of hi-tech materials science making the transition to mass-production in a somewhat different context, but there's much more to it than that:

    Technologies are stories we tell ourselves – often unconsciously – about who we are and what we are capable of. By analysing their traces we may divine the progress they are capable of assisting, but they are not in and of themselves future-producing, magical, or separate from human agency. They are a guide and a hope.

    Great, thought-provoking stuff.

    1. One that would never have occurred to me.

  • Amazon's 6-Pager

    Reading about The Beauty of Amazon's 6-Pager made me really, really wish that I worked for an organisation that worked like this:

    Quoting from Jeff Bezos: "The traditional kind of corporate meeting starts with a presentation. Somebody gets up in front of the room and presents with a powerpoint presentation, some type of slide show.  In our view you get very little information, you get bullet points.  This is easy for the presenter, but difficult for the audience.  And so instead, all of our meetings are structured around a 6 page narrative memo…. If you have a traditional ppt presentation, executives interrupt.  If you read the whole 6 page memo, on page 2 you have a question but on on page 4 that question is answered."

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  • Nano-Impressions

    Nano-Impressions with Ross Marquand:

    [Via Grillo-Marxuach Design Bureau]

  • The 10 best reactions to the new BBC Three logo

    BBC - The 10 best reactions to the new BBC Three logo:

    You may have noticed that we launched a new logo – and the internet went bonkers. The controversial, shocking pink square married exclamation marks with roman numerals (at last!).

    Some hated it, some loved it, and some just ripped the piss…

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  • Wow...

    Oh Google…

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