I'm indebted to MeFi user basicchannel for posting a link to From A to B: Tales Of Modern Motoring, an episode of a BBC documentary series from 1993 that invited company car drivers to unburden themselves about their feelings towards the company cars they were driving.

I remember watching it at the time and - not having ever been a company car driver, or even much of a car nut - being a bit taken aback at just how much some of these guys cared about whether their car had an 'i' in the model name badge on their boot lid, and just how much the model of car they'd persuaded their fleet manager to issue to them said to the world about their place in life's pecking order.

I think my favourite would be either the Austin Maestro driver, or the younger guy who'd been determined to land himself a Ford Fiesta XR2i rather than be issued a Vauxhall Cavalier 2.0L like any other run of the mill sales rep.

Looking back 20 or so years later, it's still an astonishing piece of work, and horribly revealing about certain aspects of the human ego.

I wonder if their equivalents nowadays obsess about who has the latest model of iPhone. 1 As we speak, are Microsoft Surface owners exchanging taunts with iPad Pro users about who are the real power users?

[Via MetaFilter]

  1. The answer, as a quick look at any number of online forums will reveal, is of course Hell Yes! But I think that's mostly just recreational trolling, whereas From A to B revealed whole groups of people who spent their entire working lives being convinced that your decision as to whether to pull back into the inside lane and allow the Vauxhall Cavalier coming up behind you and hoping to to pass would depend upon whether it had a wash/wipe mechanism on the headlights or a body-coloured bumper kit, denoting a top-of-the-range model.