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  • Oh Japan, never change

    Words fail me…

  • Superficial damage

    From a recent episode of This American Life, a fictional tale of a repurposed robot, inspired by a real-life incident from earlier this year.

    [Via MetaFilter]

  • The Talk

    (Geekish) respect is due:


    Big time.

    [Via @BadAstronomer, via web-goddess]

  • Crescent Dunes

    Reuben Wu has posted some gorgeous images of the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Facility:

    Crescent Dunes at night

    From the window of an airplane high above Nevada, the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Facility is a bright flash on the landscape. You can really only appreciate its enormity from the ground: 1,670 acres of desert blanketed with 10,347 billboard-sized mirrors that generate enough electricity to power 75,000 homes.


    Reuben Wu first saw the sprawling solar farm a few years ago flying from Chicago to San Francisco. "I was startled by how bright it was," he says. "It looked like a fake sun."

    He finally visited the place in March. He worked at dusk and dawn, when the light is best and the mirrors make their most dramatic movements to align with the sun. Despite their size, they move almost silently amid the sound of the wind blowing through the structures.

  • Why is water coming out of their eyes?

    John Seavey on rewatching 1980's Flash Gordon:

    But as I was watching it, I started to notice that…well, look. There's no way to be watching a film right now about a tyrannical, capricious madman who has grown decadent with a lifetime of power, treats women as playthings and concubines, and has an equally jaded and debauched daughter that he has a…complicated…relationship with, and not think of the current political climate. I found myself picturing Donald and Ivanka at the inauguration, watching the protesters, and Ivanka asking, "Why is water coming out of their eyes?" With Donald, of course, responding, "It's what they call tears. It's a sign of their weakness."

    Dammit, is there anything that Trump can't ruin?

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