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  • Nicholas Gurewitch

    Notes on a Case of Nicholas Gurewitch:

    It has to be said, the artwork he's producing looks delicious. Worth the wait? I can see how his Kickstarter backers might be torn on that point.

  • Grand

    From the guy who gave us a look into the distant future of the human race's expansion into the solar system with Wanderers, a visualisation of a scenario that's set to play out for real, later this year: Cassini's Grand Finale

  • Not Smart Enough

    We desperately need computer systems smart enough to know when they're not smart enough:

    Our answer machines have an over-confidence problem. Google, Alexa, and Siri often front that they're providing a definitive answer to questions when they're on shaky ground - or outright wrong.

    To be fair, it'd be ideal if computer users maintained a healthy sense of proportion about the likelihood that the question they'd just posed was ever likely to yield a single, indisputable answer in the first place in a world where powerful interests would be happy to poison the well if that means that their targets are likely to be fed the answers they want them to believe.

    [Via Subtraction]

  • Joe Coleman, copywriter

    Joe Coleman, a freelance copywriter, clearly knows his audience all too well.

    [Via swissmiss]

  • Question of the Day

    Not a question that had occurred to me before: What if Bertie Wooster, rather than being a mere layabout, was also Batman?

    "Good morning, sir. I have prepared a breakfast of scrambled egg, kippers and bacon, as per your request."

    "Fantastic, Jeeves! I tell you truly, I've worked up a massive appetite and that's no mistake."

    "Am I to assume that tonight's excursion went well, sir?"

    "Well, it started off a bit sticky. My cape got all tangled when I went to punch this one hooligan in the face."

    "Ah, yes. The cape."

    "Jeeves, we've had this discussion twice now. The cape is part of the ensemble."

    "We have had this discussion twice, sir, because your cape has gotten tangled up in your legs twice."

    "Ah ha, Jeeves. I didn't say it got tangled in my legs this time, merely that it had gotten tangled."

    "In what did it get tangled?"

    "Well, around my right arm."

    "Is that not your good arm for fisticuffs, sir?"

    "Don't be coy. You know it is. And the cape stays."


    [Via johnreiher, commenting at More Words, Deeper Hole]

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