Hair Love

I realise I’m coming late to this, but Hair Love is a delight: [Via Matthew A. Cherry, via Storythings — 10 Apr 2020]

Fruit CGI

ÖBST •• Fruit CGI poses the question: “How would fruits move if they could?” It’s the sound that affects me, more than it is the animation. I may never look at a bowl of fruit the same way again. [Via MeFi user cortex, via MetaFilter]

WALL-E, revisited

Seeing WALL-E BUT IN 7 DIFFERENT GENRES – especially the Jony Ive / Apple Keynote variant – serves as a reminder of the power of trailers (and clever editing) to sell us on a film, but mostly just makes me want to watch WALL-E again for the first time in a few years.[note]Was it really… Continue reading WALL-E, revisited