Being Evil

Compare and contrast: Contra Chrome and Scott McCloud’s original.Fair use, to be sure. Can’t imagine why Apple are so disinclined to allow sideloading of apps under iOS/iPadOS, given the number of ways Google/Alphabet Inc. have backed away from the picture they drew1 back in 2008. [Via MetaFilter] Well, Scott McCloud drew, but as a work-for-hire… Continue reading Being Evil

Lasso in NYRB

The New York Review of Books writes about the writing in Ted Lasso, and an Apple marketing executive checks off one more objective reached as Apple TV+ becomes strives to become known as the streaming age’s HBO. Perhaps the greatest literary move of Season 2 is the redemption (that is, re-seeing) of Rick Astley’s 1987… Continue reading Lasso in NYRB


After a few months of starting to get my head around what Obsidian can do, interesting to read a take on what it’s capable of from the viewpoint of someone who doesn’t want to build an outboard brain: Not sold on the whole Knowledge Management bandwagon either. I use Obsidian to write everything. I am… Continue reading Obsidian


I wish I still had a working Mac so that I could festoon the screen with a Notchmeister. Very silly, but then so is the very idea1 of the Notch. [Via The Tao of Mac] Granted, it’s a stopgap until Apple are either satisfied that their implementation of behind-the-screen sensors and cameras can perform at… Continue reading Notchmeister

Modern TV

Although Douglas Rushkoff hangs his story off How NFTs Will Kill Netflix on a particularly shiny/grubby bit of modern technology, the real issue is more about how consumers will react to having to chase their favourite TV shows from app to app, from subscription to subscription:1 A new world of NFT-based media may liberate us… Continue reading Modern TV

Dammit, Apple!

Still no iPad version — Jon (@jonnyb098) June 8, 2021 Dammit, Apple. When we all hoped that the idea behind iPadOS was that it’d permit differentiation between the platforms, this was not what we had in mind. Yes, it’s an incredibly trivial, even frivolous, feature and yes, other platforms have had similar visual effects for… Continue reading Dammit, Apple!

Apple TV+ quality

If it turns out that Apple TV+ has the highest-quality content out of all streaming services… A new study reveals that Apple TV+ has the highest-quality content when compared to Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu. […] In terms of their libraries of content, Apple TV+ has the highest percentage of “good” and… Continue reading Apple TV+ quality