Mind. Blown.

Endless robot story (part 1).With a music especially composed by @adrienmelano for the video!I am curious to know your interpretation of the story so far?App: @endlesspaper pic.twitter.com/6ltrp3Y3Gd — Vaskange (@Vaskange) August 26, 2022 Marvellous use of scrolling and zooming. I’d like it very slightly more without the silhouette of the hand controlling where the focus… Continue reading Mind. Blown.

Human gait

I wish I had sufficient money to be able to throw a bunch of it at the studio responsible for producing this kinetic sculpture and demand that they make me one too. [Via @Rainmaker1973, RT by @TomCoates]

Untitled, 1971

A Work of Art, by Janet Malcolm: For many years my late husband, Gardner Botsford, kept a small black-and-white snapshot on his desk of a man and woman wearing shorts, walking one behind the other on a tennis court. I didn’t know who the couple were but assumed they were friends from Gardner’s life before… Continue reading Untitled, 1971