Guitar Heroism

It’d be interesting to know the demographics of folks who read the New York Times opinion piece on Why We Can’t Quit the Guitar Solo: It’s easy to dismiss the guitar solo as an outdated, macho institution. The shredding lead guitar, once ubiquitous in rock music, can now feel like a relic of a bygone… Continue reading Guitar Heroism

Talented bastard

Steven Johnson on Learning From Get Back: To me, the scenes where we see the Beatles reaching back to an idea they first started noodling on years ago — an idea that we know they will keep cultivating for another few years — are some of the most inspiring moments in Get Back. Yes, for… Continue reading Talented bastard

Totally Eclipsed…

Folks, I give you Totally Fixed Where We Are: Cheesy? Oh yes. A work of genius? Very possibly!1 [Via swissmiss] Perhaps you need to be of a certain age to fully appreciate this. Or perhaps not. ↩

Purple Perfection

Why oh why were we denied the opportunity to witness a Prince guitar MasterClass? […] I think the saddest thing about Prince’s death is that we never got to see the MasterClass he was supposed to teach. Looking at the leaked script for the YouTube commercial, we can only imagine what might have been. I… Continue reading Purple Perfection

Enter Sandman (with kazoos)

I am indebted to MetaFilter user Slarty Bartfast for posting a link to this masterpiece in a thread about a (completely different) cover version of Metallica’s Enter Sandman. Granted, it looks as if it’s going to be very silly, but somehow it really isn’t. Just keep an eye on the drummer. (You’ll soon realise which… Continue reading Enter Sandman (with kazoos)