Little Grey Bubbles

I bookmarked Little Grey Bubbles meaning to post it here months ago, then it got pushed down the queue of #ForWeblog bookmarks in Pinboard and I only came across it again today when I was reviewing my bookmarks1 checking off items that I’ve since posted.

Kim and Marlon were best friends, despite the fact they communicated exclusively online. Before Marlon died, he sent Kim a message saying he had something important to tell her. To find out what it was, and get a deeper sense of her friend, she travels to his funeral.

  1. In a better world I’d have got round to automating the bookmarking-to-posting portion of what we’ll laughingly refer to here as “my workflow”, but I think that’ll probably have to wait for the day I give up faffing round with WordPress and switch back to Jekyll, or some other relatively low-maintenance CMS that lets me do as much of this as possible in Markdown. Nine times out of ten that’d lead to me adding a second footnote going into lots more detail about how that didn’t happen a couple of years ago and the ins and outs of the various options open to me, but even I recognise that would be deeply irrelevant to the subject at hand, i.e. the short film I liked last October but failed to post about at the time.