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Trains to Omelas

John Holbo brings us The Ones Who Take the Train to Omelas:

A couple years back I made a post about Le Guin’s “Omelas”. I teach it, and it’s been rattling around up there in the attic. I had this idea for a visual gag. And that led to a story, which led back to rethinking my story thoughts. I wrote a little essay. […]

Nice illustrations and valuable thoughts on a justly famous story.

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Canine performance review

Caroline O’Donoghue on How I imagine an annual performance review with the dog would go:

Hello, dog. Please take a seat. I’m so glad we could find time for this little chat.

Are you… Ok, you’re still sitting down.

So to begin… Still sitting down. Right. Maybe the tight circular movements can wait until after our annual performance review, and you can just stand for the meantime.

I know you only do the little circle movements when you’re anxious. I also know why you are anxious. You have sensed, correctly I think, that there has been a certain level of disharmony among the senior members of staff (me and Gavin) and much of that unhappiness has stemmed from our disappointment in your most recent work. […]

Probably doesn’t end the way you’d expect…

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Overthinking it

I should have linked to this when it was originally posted, but never mind: I like it when Randy Milholland shares some parenting wisdom with his audience.

Watching Squirrels

Roy Kent!

Mean, moody, magnificent. Roy Kent : He’s here, he’s there, he’s every f***ing where:

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Too much?

Optimist / Pessimist Glasses.


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In Pain

With hindsight, it’s so obvious

Nowadays they’re screaming just as hard (even louder, if anything), but by default we’ve muted that sound. Clever us.

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The Road From Serfdom?

Steady on now, chaps…

What has the world come to when the whims of noblemen no longer control the lives of the masses?

We live in interesting times, to be sure.

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Brewster’s US$100 million

Stolen from The Cloud Genie:

There’s a joke that I’ve always been partial to: a software engineering type rubs a lamp and a genie appears. The genie says that he’ll grant the engineer $1 billion, but only if they can spend $100 million in a single month with three rules. “You can’t gift it away. You can’t gamble with it. And you can’t throw it away.” The software engineer responds with “Well, can I use AWS?” The genie responds with “okay, there are four rules.” […]

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Nothing more to be said.

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From Dirty Feed, a magnificent, thoroughly documented deep dive into the history of one of the greatest punchlines in the history of British television:

Sad to contemplate that none of the three actors involved is still with us, but what a memorial to their work together on a programme that shaped a generation’s view of how government worked.

Fascinating to see the history of that joke pieced together, and the very different version of the punchline used in earlier incarnations.

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