Here is a list of some of the technology that I use1 daily (or, at least, regularly)


  • Apple iPad Mini 4 running iPadOS 15.0.2
  • I no longer have a functioning desktop PC for personal use.2


  • Write and edit in Markdown, using a combination of 1Writer, Obsidian and Drafts.3
  • If I need to edit HTML I use 1Writer or Drafts.
  • Browse the web with Safari
  • Manage my email using Apple Mail
  • I maintain my outbound brain using Obsidian4

  1. Personal use only. Excludes work-provided hardware (a Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 and an Apple iPhone SE) and software (mostly Microsoft Office, primarily Excel and Outlook and (ugh!) Teams.) 
  2. I had been using a Raspberry Pi4, but after the fourth or fifth go-round of a software configuration-related sound failure on my mildly outdated non-standard hardware setup I lost patience with the cycle of me chasing down possible answers on the internet only to try them only to find that they didn’t fix the problem I was having. More my fault for for thinking that I could get by after not having used Linux for several years than anything else. In theory I could buckle down and dig deep into which configuration file settings need tweaking to enable support for my particular hardware setup and then learning the ins and outs of which other configuration files would now need tweaking. In practice, the lure of my having a functioning iPad makes that a more attractive platform for what I want to devote my time on the internet doing. For now, at least, at least I’ve put the Raspberry Pi4 experiment on hold. 
  3. I’m very tempted to bring Editorial back into the mix, for all that it rarely gets updates nowadays and author Ole Zorn has indicated that’s unlikely to change any time soon. That is still one very nice piece of software. 
  4. Previously I’ve used Bear, Evernote, VoodooPad and Yojimbo for this purpose. My biggest challenge now is to move over content from Bear (relatively easy) and Evernote (much harder now I no longer have a desktop machine to export ENEX files and Evernote Web is just as closed off mass exporting-wise as the current Evernote iPadOS client is.)