Jobs versus careers

Rachel Paige King's survey of books about finding a job and surviving in the modern workplace can't help but highlight that the world of employment is not what it once was:

[Richard Bolles, Episcopal minister and author of 1970's What Color Is Your Parachute? ...] appears to believe that finding a "dream job" is possible if you stop hoping for any kind of external reward. For Bolles, the job seeker should not be looking not for a single position or even for a traditional career, but for a vocation. Secular people sometimes forget that that word was originally synonymous with the concept of a religious calling, but Bolles, with his seminary training, most likely never did.

Still, when he writes, "You must find work which feeds your self-esteem in the very doing of it, rather than depending on some future reward, some future raise, some future promotion," it seems to me that he's asking very little of employers.

[Via The Feature]