I am in the process of moving the Sore Eyes weblog to a new web host and a new content management system. As part of this process, I am changing the address at which you can find new posts. Please update your bookmarks to point to the new address of Sore Eyes, which is http://soreeyes.org/blog/. If you follow new posts by way of the RSS feed, you can find the feed for new content at http://soreeyes.org/blog/feed.xml. (In both cases I'll be setting up a Redirect to point visitors in the right direction automatically: I'm mentioning this here because I'm configuring the site right now and tweaking various things, so that anyone who lands on this page over the next few hours before I'm done knows where things have moved to.)

Unfortunately at the moment (as of 27 January 2016) I can’t publish content I posted here during the Movable Type/WordPress era, though I do plan to have that content up again in the long run. For now, my priority is to have the site up and running again so I can post new content, then the older stuff will return once I can rescue it from the ashes of my former web host’s version of the site.