A new double act?

If only Peter Falk was still around to play his part in “I HEAR THE BLUES A-KILLIN’ (or: Frasier Meets Columbo)”: I HEAR THE BLUES A-KILLIN’ (or: Frasier Meets Columbo) part 1 of 4 pic.twitter.com/4C8zrB1CYB — Joe Chouinard (@joechoui) October 18, 2022 How can they be planning to do more episodes of Frasier without Niles… Continue reading A new double act?

A Different Aftermath

A Different Aftermath by Kingfisher & Wombat (Twitter version, Threadreader version). Lovely, optimistic work. Much-needed right now. [Via MetaFilter]


Courtesy of xkcd: Hallelujah. Nice to see the classics still getting some respect.1 When you get there, be sure to read the alt text on this one. ↩

Overthinking it

I should have linked to this when it was originally posted, but never mind: I like it when Randy Milholland shares some parenting wisdom with his audience.

Robot delusions

Courtesy of Medium’s algorithms flagging this as a story I might like, Lost Letters From Cassini reveals the sad truth behind the fate of the Cassini probe: At last the REAL story of the Cassini spacecraft can be told. Read the letters NASA doesn’t want you to see! […] September 15th, 2017 My Dearest Geneviève:… Continue reading Robot delusions

So long, Sergeant Schlock

Being a creature of habit, I’m very grumpy that this week we’ve all had to say farewell to Schlock Mercenary. After 20 years of steady daily posts telling stories of Tagon’s Toughs, Howard Tayler is taking a little well-earned time off: Parentheticals aside, here we are, 19 years after 9-11, and I’ve been doing this… Continue reading So long, Sergeant Schlock


One of my favourite xkcd entries, improved: Someone gave it a happier ending 🙂 pic.twitter.com/QskUPzF9tu — Gleñ Matthews 🏳️‍🌈 🍑 (@GlenMaffews) February 13, 2019 [Via @amendlocke]