Little Grey Bubbles

I bookmarked Little Grey Bubbles meaning to post it here months ago, then it got pushed down the queue of #ForWeblog bookmarks in Pinboard and I only came across it again today when I was reviewing my bookmarks1 checking off items that I’ve since posted. Kim and Marlon were best friends, despite the fact they… Continue reading Little Grey Bubbles

Wish lists and watchlists and halting and catching fire

It’s a shame that Halt and Catch Fire diesn’t seem to be on any UK streaming services just at the moment when this Halt and Catch Fire Syllabus has popped up. This site features a curriculum developed around the television series, Halt and Catch Fire (2014-2017), a fictional narrative about people working in tech during… Continue reading Wish lists and watchlists and halting and catching fire


Painful to watch. The horror movie of the year: Devs watching QA test the product — sanja zakovska 🌱 (@sanjazakovska) January 22, 2021 [Via RT by @siracusa]

On screen(s) in 2021

Given the way film release schedules have been disrupted over the last year, it feels strange to read an article about Upcoming Must-See Movies in 2021 and contemplate just when and where these might show up. For what it’s worth, out of that selection I’m looking forward to… Malcolm and Marie General rule of thumb:… Continue reading On screen(s) in 2021


How on earth did the World Wide Web ever get to the point where this needed to be written: Newsletters; or, an enormous rant about writing on the web that doesn’t really go anywhere and that’s okay with me I know it’s very pretty to look at, but that’s an awful design to actually use… Continue reading Newsletters


I’d completely missed that earlier this year Paul Cornell wrote a couple of short followups to the Human Nature/The Family of Blood two-parter from back in the day. Interesting to see the difference a couple of regenerations made to the Doctor’s attitude to a defeated foe. (Context, for the weak.) [Via Cultbox]

Make it so.

Dan Hon’s been thinking: It’s that time when I wonder again if I should package up all the little Twitter microfictions I’ve written into an ebook to sell. — Dan Hon (@hondanhon) January 4, 2021 Go for it. I’d buy that for a dollar!

COBOL (still) rules

Clive Thompson on the stranglehold that COBOL code has on the older/bigger end of the finance business: In fact, these days, when the phone rings in the house [retired COBOL wizard] Thomas retired to — in a small town outside of Toronto — it will occasionally be someone from the bank. Hey, they’ll say,_ can… Continue reading COBOL (still) rules

Evil geniuses

Contemplating the new year, I was just thinking that it was about time I pruned the list of streaming media services I’m subscribed to.1 I hadn’t watched a show on NowTV regularly since I drifted away from Lovecraft Country halfway through the season, I thought. I meant to quit NowTV once Game of Thrones finished,… Continue reading Evil geniuses