So long, Sergeant Schlock

Being a creature of habit, I'm very grumpy that this week we've all had to say farewell to Schlock Mercenary. After 20 years of steady daily posts telling stories of Tagon's Toughs, Howard Tayler is taking a little well-earned time off:

Parentheticals aside, here we are, 19 years after 9-11, and I’ve been doing this job pretty well—or at least very consistently—for that entire time.

But it is now entirely time for me to stop.

I need a break, and it’s the kind of break which, until I take it, I don’t know how long I’ll need it to be.

I look forward to him coming back to share whatever stories he feels like telling one day, but even if he decided to rest on his laurels and leave us with 20 years of stories about Tagon's Toughs he's earned that right. Nobody's been short-changed here.

So long and thanks for all the fun you've shared along the way, Howard. Really good work.