Down the rabbit hole

It's as if Brett Terpstra was looking over my shoulder, narrating my life:

Some of us always follow the rabbit. It’s not because we want to. It’s just that the rabbit…

10 a.m., somewhere in Minnesota

Sit down to write a blog post. It’s basically written already in my head, just need 20 minutes to get it down.

Double check some code I’m including, and realize it doesn’t work right in an edge case that just crossed my mind.

Drop back to Sublime Text for some testing. This edge case is revealing a more substantial failure. Get a little frustrated and head to StackOverflow.

Find a StackOverflow answer that wasn’t exactly what I needed but follow a link to GitHub and start examining some code, out of context, that I think might have the answer. […]

Other than the fact that at 10am I'm usually at work[note]And not in Minnesota, and not using Sublime Text as my editor.[/note] and not thinking about drafting a blog post: Brett Terpstra, c'est moi.