Cat Pictures Please

It's a shame that I've drifted away from following short speculative fiction to the extent that I was completely unaware of Cat Pictures Please by Naomi Kritzer until, on a whim, I followed a link and found out what the Hugo voters knew back in 2016:

I don’t want to be evil.

I want to be helpful. But knowing the optimal way to be helpful can be very complicated. […] I know where you live, where you work, where you shop, what you eat, what turns you on, what creeps you out. I probably know the color of your underwear, the sort of car you drive, and your brand of refrigerator. Depending on what sort of phone you carry, I may know exactly where you are right now. I probably know you better than you know yourself.

And here’s the thing, I also know where you ought to live. […]

Bonus points for direct references to Bruce Sterling's Maneki Neko, a story published back when I used to pay more attention to the state of short speculative fiction.

Difficult to tell how well this story will stand the test of time, but as of 2020 it's doing OK. Our central character is quietly, patiently working away in the background even as her more aggressive cousins are making so much noise and getting so much attention.

[Via notGoodenough, posting at Crooked Timber]