MS -365

As if the whole use-Microsoft-Teams-to-extend-the-working-day-to-include-commuting-time thing wasn't enough, now Microsoft seem to be keen on extending Microsoft 365's reach to quantifying worker productivity:

Esoteric metrics based on analyzing extensive data about employee activities has been mostly the domain of fringe software vendors. Now it's built into MS 365.

A new feature to calculate 'productivity scores' turns Microsoft 365 into an full-fledged workplace surveillance tool […]

Sound as if for now this would be illegal-as-hell in the EU. Which should cause UK users of Microsoft 365 some worries, since this is just the sort of notion some chum of the UK government who contributed to Britannia Unchained would pounce on as a way of boosting productivity in the UK. Because you just can't argue with hard numbers, right?

Anyone up for a switch to LibreOffice? 1

[Edited to add: Update JR 2020-12-17.]

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  1. Granted LibreOffice is far from perfect, but this productivity-measuring idea is not very likely to be high on their list of Microsoft 365 features they hope to emulate better.