Grandmother-Starship FAQ

From Marissa Lingen's1 So your grandmother is a starship now: a quick guide for the bewildered:

What is happening, seriously, what is even happening?

Your grandmother is becoming a starship! She has gone through many phases in her life already — infant, child, teenager, young adult, student, worker, in many cases spouse, parent, retiree. She has had hobbies like knitting, volleyball and carbon mitigation. She has travelled in planetary atmosphere whenever her circumstances allowed. Now she is uploading her consciousness into a starship! The circle of life is beautiful. […]

Competently done, heartwarming, wise even, yet oddly unsatisfying. Perhaps I was just not in the right mood when I read it?

[Via sibilatorix, posting to MetaFilter]

  1. FWIW, this is the same Marissa Lingen whose Present Writers feature I linked to last month.