The Good Place

Good to see the Nebula Awards getting this one so thoroughly right:


The Good Place: “Whenever You’re Ready”, Michael Schur, NBC (Fremulon/3 Arts Entertainment/Universal)

Strange to think that the series finale aired several weeks before the first lockdown. We've had plenty of excellent science fiction this last year or so - The Expanse and Devs being the clearest small-screen genre highlights - but nothing quite matched the sheer delight of seeing what Eleanor Shellstrop and friends were getting up to week after week, and the way they absolutely pulled off the landing. Chidi talking to Eleanor about how what was facing him before she woke would be like the water in a wave returning to the sea still gets me every time, dammit.1

If Apple TV+ ever gets round to buying the rights to non-Apple content - I don't think that's likely to happen any time soon - but work with me here - the rights to The Good Place should be very high on their to-buy list.

[Via More Words, Deeper Hole]

  1. I verified that by watching the series finale again this morning, after reading the news of the show's Nebula win, and it still does it to me now.