A couple of years ago I posted about reading Incorruptible, a Peter Watts story from the X-Prize's Seat 14C competition1.

I was pleased to find earlier today that a couple of years ago the DUST podcast/film network put out audio adaptations2 of some of the stories from the competition.

Unfortunately Incorruptible wasn't one of the stories DUST adapted,3 but that wasn't by any means the only worthwhile story included in the competition so I've been glad to have had the chance to reacquaint myself with some of the other stories from the competition.

  1. The Seat 14 site itself is no longer online, and while the Wayback Machine claims to have older snapshots of the site's content I can't get any of them to come up for me right now. 

  2. Technically they put out videos, not podcasts, but judging by the the videos appear to be presented as abstract screen savers playing over audio content rather than visual adaptations of the stories being told. I'm the sort of literal-minded type who thinks that "podcast" is the term for an audio file delivered via an RSS feed, dammit, but I probably should let that go since I can also get the content as straight podcasts and listen to them. 

  3. It's still available via the Wayback Machine's archive. Bringing it up involved a bit of a wait, but it did pop up in the end.