Excel eSports

If you watched ESPN2 during its stint last weekend as "ESPN8: The Ocho," you may have seen some odd, meme-friendly competitions, including corgi racing, precision paper airplane tossing, and slippery stair climbing.

Or you might have seen "," a tournament in which an unexpected full-column Flash Fill is announced like a 50-yard Hail Mary. [...]

Having read Excel esports on ESPN show world the pain of format errors I feel a little bit better that even these Excel experts can occasionally find themselves screwing up and botching a formula's reference when under time pressure. Mind, they're making these mistakes in competition mode; what's my excuse, when I'm in just the office, doing this stuff between answering phone calls and emails?

Excel makes juggling with data so easy to do that it's possible to forget that it's not always the best tool for the job.

[Via MetaFilter]