I’m back (again! )

So, here we are again. Another change in Content Management System, another switch in the address of my site and RSS feed. Anyone would think I didn't want anyone to have people keep track of my content.

This time I've been offline since my venerable Mac Mini started exhibiting signs of an impending hard disk failure late November 2017. After a lot of dithering around I find myself once again setting up and using WordPress. [note]That will probably be the subject of another post at some point.[/note]

Expect a couple of days of faffing around as I tweak this iteration of the site to get things running how I want them, followed by my importing a bunch of older posts as and when circumstances allow. For now, I'll be posting some items that I've had lurking in my Pinboard tagged as ForWeblog (or for_weblog, depending upon my mood/preferred tagging style that day) and been forced to keep to myself as I didn't have a machine capable of running Jekyll to hand.