Having watched the highlights1 of Mark Zuckerberg's announcement that Facebook are changing the name of the company to Meta and working towards a new platform that will combine Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, I think Nick Heer sums it up best:

The metaverse is me making a list of chores to give to the staff of butlers and housekeepers and gardeners I am employing at my large country house I will have in ten years instead of vacuuming my apartment today.

How many of us2 talk about what Alphabet do rather than just talking about Google?

  1. Am I being unfair to Zuckerberg by not watching the entire 1hr 17min video? The thing is, nobody is paying me to spend time reporting on the whole Facebook/Meta story and I don't pretend to be a journalist. This post is, like every post here, my opinion and readers are welcome to disagree with me in comments here or email me links to (hopefully more succinct) accounts from Facebook/Meta of what they're doing and why. 
  2. Other than journalists quoting from a press release.