Jarvis sings!

Jarvis Cocker provides the vocal performance for this video of "Aline" from The French Dispatch:

Dammit, the cast listed in the credits for that film (which form the backdrop for the video) keep almost persuading me that I really should consider taking a trip to a local cinema for the first time since our first lockdown. Such a high concentration of actors I generally welcome whenever they pop up on-screen, classing up the joint.

And then I remember the last time I tried a cinema trip early in September, only to find that local cinema chains are packing audiences in at normal seating densities because they're keener on maximising income having been allowed to open again than they are on providing reduced audiences with some spacing so as to deal with that whole virus thing. I'd naively assumed they'd at least seat audiences double- or triple-spaced and require that masks be worn, but apparently not.

All of which means I'll be catching up with The French Dispatch via my friendly local streaming service when it shows up.

[Via MetaFilter]