The Future

Happy Valentine’s Day from Facebook:

Happy Valentine’s Day! Just logging in for a quick scroll? Take your time.

You’re not on here as much as you used to be. Still, we’ll never forget you. In fact, we at Facebook love celebrating the moments and people you’ve worked really hard to forget. So now that you’re here, please enjoy this picture of you and your ex-boyfriend from five years ago.

You really loved that wine bar. Look at how happy you were. And is it just us or is your body snatched in this pic? Do you still own that blouse? Oh, right, it doesn’t fit anymore. Just like your ex, it’s gone now. […]

So, which is the most depressing vision of a social life in the 21st century: Facebook as a bitchy friend, or Ericsson's vision1 of a social life where your domestic appliances are apparently your only company after a dinner date falls through?

from comsicomsa on Vimeo.

[Facebook humour via The Overspill, Ericsson video via Sci-Fi Interfaces]

  1. From just over a decade ago. Back when having a robot vacuum cleaner was a sign we were living in the future.