Good Law?

The Good Law Project poses a simple question about how senior UK government ministers have used their personal email systems for official business in recent years:

[Why…] would Ministers choose to use personal accounts rather than official channels?

They seem to believe this is a loophole to avoid scrutiny. If politicians think they can evade oversight from the Courts or dodge Freedom of Information requests by using private email and Whatsapp, the question becomes: what have they got to hide?

If you think that's a good question, you might want to consider donating to a fund to help the Good Law Project cover their potential costs in pressing the government for an answer.

[From a recent fundraising email]

This is an important case in the battle for accountability. But going up against the significant resources of the Government is expensive. In this case we have secured a cost-capping order which means if we lose, we will need to pay £125,000 for Government costs, as well as the costs of our own legal team. So far, we have managed to raise £76,000.

If you are in a position to do so, will you donate to the legal challenge?