Exquisite reading experience. Sub-optimal dining experience.

Some folks have very strange hobbies: We headed to the restaurant with high hopes – eight of us in total, led into a cement cell of a room, Drake pumping through invisible speakers. It was sweltering hot, and no other customers were present. The décor had the of chicness of an underground bunker where one… Continue reading Exquisite reading experience. Sub-optimal dining experience.

They added WHAT to WHAT?

Intriguing idea… Against all odds, Hokkaido melon mascarpone is the greatest of the Japanese Kit Kat flavors. Some goddamned genius at Kit Kat labs tried making a melon kit kat, muttered “this could use a little cheese” as a bolt of lightning struck the roof, and a confectionary legend was born. pic.twitter.com/8yuM6lJNK9 — Pinboard (@Pinboard)… Continue reading They added WHAT to WHAT?

Octopus Lovers

Vesna Jaksic Lowe on Raising My Daughter to Be an Octopus Lover: I pour some stew in a bowl for my daughter. She is eighteen months old and has never tasted it before. I have no idea what to expect. She tries the potatoes and eggplant first, cringes, and spits them out. Then she starts… Continue reading Octopus Lovers

A ‘salad’, allegedly

As a dedicated “meat and potatoes man” can I just say a loud “Hell no!” to this monstrosity: This gets more horrifying by the word. pic.twitter.com/lVfMZfcq4h — Erik Loomis (@ErikLoomis) August 18, 2018 Do be sure to read the entire recipe to the end. Just do not, under any circumstances, consider ever eating the end… Continue reading A ‘salad’, allegedly