Digital Collage Artist Creates Weird and Wonderful Animal Hybrids

From a sealion/horse creature named a Horseal to a Labrador puppy/albatross combo called a Labratross, Fredriksen renders his weird and wonderful critters by first finding two images that go well together. “The angle has to be right, and it helps a lot if the skin/fur textures are approximately similar. This is the hardest part,” Fredriksen explains […]

I think Pugilla is the most adorable (narrowly ahead of Pengwhale), and Hammergull most natural mix (i.e. the one I’d barely notice if it flew by me, until someone prompted me to look more closely.)

[Via MetaFilter]

In search of warriors

Kim Frank went In Search of Warriors:

A story told by my grandfather sparked a fascination. Far to the east lies a land, wild and vast, inhabited by the legendary warriors who rescued my grandfather. Mongolia. For fifteen years, I’ve returned to this country, seeking to understand the raw beauty and tenacity that shapes those who call it home.

Widescreen landscapes, populated by souls far hardier than me.

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