This visual depiction of the lengths of various companies’ Terms & Conditions – printed out at 12pt, for what it’s worth – is astonishing. Makes me wonder if one of the metrics that the companies display on their dashboards is the percentage of users who stop scrolling long before they reach the end of the… Continue reading T&Cs

Beneath the Shorteners!

Russell Davies thinks we’re missing out when our browsers hide URLs from us: [For a while…] domain names and URLs became part of the fun of the web. While the more commercial parts of town got excited about the money changing hands for cars.com, the bohemian quarters were creating baroque constructions like del.icio.us or mucking… Continue reading Beneath the Shorteners!

Not theirs, ours

Jeremy Keith is getting nervous about just how and why Google and Firefox are planning to nudge web users into improving the web their way: One of my greatest fears for the web is that building it becomes the domain of a professional priesthood. Anything that raises the bar to writing some HTML or CSS… Continue reading Not theirs, ours